The senses

Colour, drama, light and movement can make worship a deeply felt experience involving all the senses. We aim to develop this aspect of our common life to give our worship more impact, and to provide a sacred space in which people can meet God in the sacraments and in each other, as we become the people of God.

The well of life

The gospels speak of the Christian journey as a search of the thirsty for water that wells up into eternal life. The waters of baptism tell of a God as power beyond our control, as danger and chaos; but these waters also mean the deepest thirst quenched, and great depth of living. We are restoring the baptismal waters to the heart of our worship so that we regularly remind ourselves of the call to let go into the depths of God.

Bread for the world

The central act of Christian worship can too easily seem like a cultic performance. But at heart it is a common meal. We aim to make our weekly celebration of the eucharist a living sign of a community growing in welcome, forgiveness, courage, justice, laughter and peace beyond our understanding.

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